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I have several feeders for sale or trade locally.
Cultures are $5 each, 3 for $12, or 5 for $20 mix and match Big Grin
5 cultures Dwarf White Woodlice
4 cultures Bean Beetles
4 cultures Rice Flour Beetles
Melanogaster Fruit Flies setup upon request

Im looking for a ton of viv supplies.

Wood for 20H verts and 18 cube vivs:
Manzanita logs
Manzanita root burls

Leaf litter:
Live Oak
Pin Oak

Pods unsiliconed:
Amazon pods
Dendro pods
Jungle pods
Brazil nut pods
Really any neat looking pod that has never been used or silicone coated

Drainage media:

Any type!
Any Woodlice other than the Dwarf Whites or the temperate Grays that are found locally
D. hydei Standard or Golden/Tan
D. melanogaster Golden/Tan
Also Im am NOT looking to get any roaches or termites so please dont offer!

I also have some lace rock and some clippings Id be willing to trade for viv supplies as well.

Im not shipping insects at this time

Thanx for looking


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