Feeders available for shipping!

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Hey guys, it seems there wasnt any interest locally in these cultures , so I have decided to offer shipping
HOWEVER, I do not have any phase packs on hand. So I am only going to offer shipping to areas under 85 degrees.

Here is what is available:

3 Dwarf White Isopod cultures each started with atleast 50 mixed sized individuals (Ranging from about half grown to adult. I did not include babies in the count) These cultures have been set up for about 3 weeks now and are already showing an increase in population
$8 per culture or all 3 for $22

8 Flour beetle cultures for $6 each or 3 for $15.

Shipping will be $14 for upto 6 cultures and $19 for 7 or more.
I know this price may seem a little high for shipping but this is what is included for those shipping prices.
Medium flat rate shipping with Delivery Confirmation is $12, Custom cut styrofoam insulated box is another $2 for the total of $14
Large flate rate shipping with Delivery Confirmation is $16 plus the custom cut styrofoam insert is an additional $3 for the total of $19.

Thank you for your interest!


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