Female Azureiventris Wanted

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I'd really love a female H. Azureiventris. I understand they are few and far between, but if you happen to have an extra, please PM me.
It's odd, but that seems to be the consensus - more males. Doesn't make evolutionary sense though....

I know Keith in Philly - Frogs and things, may have one. There are also a couple DC / MD and NJ people working with them. I'll make some calls and PM's for ya....


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It really is very odd; is it possible there is a different male to female ratio in the wild?
I had read there might be a correlation between the temperature the eggs are kept and the high number of males.

Either way, that's good to hear you may have some contacts. I've haven't been getting a lot positive responses so far.
I got my original trio of Azureiventris from Keith.

Thanks Smile

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