Film canisters positions for Imitators ?

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How many film canisters in a tank for imitators and what positions for them?

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There really is not a set rule on either count or position. I have some that are vertical and some that are 45 degrees and some horizontal. In one of my tanks I have 4 canisters and they tend to use the same two over and over but it is good to provide them options in number and position.
Don't think it really matter that much as long as there's a variety of positions available. I remember reading somewhere that some people noticed more success with a specific orientation with different variabilis lines, but I have imitators that lay and deposit in anything that's available.
I would place two film cans for each female frog minimum...more like three per. Same ratio I use for pumilio. A minimum of three nice size broms per frog

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