First dart frog tank

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What's up guys just planted my new tank and waiting to let it grow in before adding darts let me know what think all advice is welcomed and appreciated as this is my first tank and I am here to learn. Thanks in advance! [Image: 9c773cb17590a41a05cc65124be3ba0c.jpg][Image: 5c02053cef5dd856260dae18733ea036.jpg][Image: 0780833e9566306b7019a4abe6277dda.jpg]
[Image: d11234aebc3e3341aacaf708d5354431.jpg]
If I am interpreting the photos correctly it looks like you have a water feature running through the bark? I'd eliminate the running water - there are some threads on what issues most folks have with water features and darts don't need them. You should also consider moving the mosses off the floor and replacing with leaf litter - or at least over a good portion of the floor.

How big is the enclosure?

It's nicely planted and contoured but what you really have is a terrarium setup for viewing plants and not an ideal dart frog vivarium. You can make some changes if you want to house darts. Good luck and thanks for sharing!
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Awesome thank you so much for the feedback! I am planning on removing the moss and putting in abg it just isn't readily available and I'm going to have to order some I'm picking some leaf litter up tomorrow also.
Sorry forgot to add that it is a 20 gal long the water section actually looks a lot bigger than it is it is only about 1/8th the size of the tank and it will be extremely shallow and raised up before I am done. After a couple months of growth I will post more picture before I add darts and see if the changes will work. If not I will adjust more and go on from there. Thank you again for the feedback I am learning more everyday
Hey what's up guys I recently finished a lot of work on the tank and thought I would post update pics [Image: f8643aea4d93d6058d89732b599a7d4e.jpg][Image: 1ec419413d97030af5f1e249c75fb651.jpg][Image: ea3da85eebe30e039ff69171c257c164.jpg][Image: 22709425a32a9bae8cc23a8b358de9aa.jpg][Image: bd739372088b30c311641997c25f69eb.jpg] thanks in advance for any feedback/advice!

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