First eggs?

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So I recently have found that I have a male and female variabilis. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for some eggs and found these this morning. I have no exprience and was wondering if these were eggs or just debris?

Thanks so much!

[Image: 66aaca3b69df21984278732b22f1fb3b.jpg]
A little hard to see but it does look like two eggs. Also look 'flat' due to dehydration.

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So how do I prevent dehydration? The humidity is about 85-90%. Should I just mist them with some spring water??
Also, about how often will females be gravid and attempt to lay eggs?
A spray bottle with spring water will work. I would also deploy a few film cans and see if your frogs use them instead. Film cans are a lot more 'controllable'.

As to how often frogs lay eggs? That is almost impossible to nail down. Too many variables, like food availability, nutrition, season or time of year, barometric factors, ect.

Just be pleasantly surprised to see eggs and don't worry about timetables. Enjoy the frogs and eventually you will see the full 'miracle of life'.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
So I have 2 canisters in the tank (have never seen them even go inside them). I have read that they sometimes they have color preference so maybe I should try white instead of black?

I misted the eggs and hope they are okay. I will continue to do that a few times a day. In a day or two I'll remove them and rear them outside the tank.

Thanks for all the insight!
Some frogs prefer different deposition sites to include plants ect. You're gonna have to just wait and see what they do. If they continue to lay on places where it's hard to deal with and the eggs dry, then I would remove those items even if they are booms or plants. Wait a while though, and observe them for several months. No rush.

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Kk thanks! !
In this thread are some excellent pics of eggs and their development. Even though a different species, the eggs are very much similar.


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