For Sale: Cobalt, Intermedius, Azureiventris, Feeders

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1.0.0 H. azureiventris
$30 plus shipping
Line: Unknown
Age: 1.5 years
Fedex overnight
Accept Paypal

0.0.3 D. tinctorius "Cobalt"
$35 each, $95 for all 3 plus shipping
Line: Nabors
Age: 5 months otw
Fedex Overnight

Parent female NFS
[Image: 2011-07-14190701.jpg]

1.0.0 R. imitator "Intermedius"
$95 plus shipping
Line: Tarlton
Age: 1.5 years
Fedex Overnight

[Image: 2011-07-22205846.jpg]

(4) D. melanogaster "Turkish Glider" $7 each

(5) Bean Beetles $7 each

PM if interested.

Azureiventris $70 shipped

Cobalts 1 for $65 shipped or all 3 for $125 shipped

i. Intermedius $125 shipped

FedEx shipping Priority Overnight
PM sent
All sold.

More cobalts will be ready in 2 months
Any chance these can be bundled with some sweet ass beardies.....I can't believe i missed again.
Mark you are actually really lucky as I have 1 beardie left from that clutch and one without forelegs! I can bundle that for the low low cost of $500 shipped. No arrive alive guarantee though sorry!

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