For Sale D. tinctorius "Lorenzo"

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Sellers Name and location - Jim O'Neill, Austin TX
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Species - Dendrobates tinctorius "Lorenzo"
Line/Origin - Sean Stewart Line
Code - JO-LRZ-2014A-1ss.2ss
Age - 6+ months
Quantity and sex (if possible) - groups of four siblings - I'll do my best to sex based on my experience with Lorenzos
Price - $500
Group Prices - $500
Preferred Payment Method - PayPal
Shipping Rates & information - I ship through SYR at buyers expense (SYR cost). My typical shipping materials fee waived for this group purchase (phase 22 packs, shipping cooler). Live arrival guaranteed if shipped to FedEx hub and picked up within an hour of availability. You MUST specify the hub as an approved ship to address with Paypal.

Lorenzo are a wonderful and uncommon dwarf tinctorius morph. They are more difficult to breed than other tincs, and they require additional time to grow out to shippable sizes. These animals are 6+ months (some are 8+ months), yet if you are familiar with tincs, they will seem small. They are slow growers, and typically only reach 30 to 35 mm SVL. I hold them back for longer because of their small size.

PLEASE NOTE: it's too hot to ship out of Austin right now, so I'm looking to line up interested parties for fall shipping. I will accommodate local pickups / meetups now. I am opening up a shipping / wait list, but I don't accept deposits. I trust that you know what you are getting into, and if you don't respond when it's time to ship I will simply move on to the next person on the list.

These animals are the first I produced from my Stewart line grouping (JO-LRZ-2014A-1ss.2ss) which yielded about 20 animals before I shifted pairings earlier this year. I've got three groups of 4 animals that are ready to ship when there is a break in the weather. The price is $500 for each group of 4 animals. I've documented the raising of these animals extensively here on DD:

Photos of some of the animals available:
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These groups are spoken for. I am recording contact information for anyone else that is interested as a backup in case these deals fall through, or in taking groups from the next batch in grow out that will be ready in the fall when they hit six months and are old enough to ship. Thanks! Jim
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