Found eggs - what now ?

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So I had two very fat frogs a couple weeks ago and I put them in quarantine only to find eggs this morning. What do I do with them now ?

heres the picture...

[Image: froggies002-1.jpg]
pm'd u munchi Big Grin congrats...i know this is what you were hoping for Big Grin
Leave them be for a while.
Sometimes new eggs tend to do better in the tank for a few days.
If they are new breeders there is a chance they may go bad. It takes new breeders some time to work out the kinks.

Ancon hill are know for taking a long time to work out all the kinks. I have heard that from quite a few different people.
well i got two more clutches and they are turning gray... does that mean they are bad?
I think so but im not sure.
yeah they all went bad...

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