Frog Day 2011 - Amazing Amphibians Dinner and Presentation

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Get a free admission ticket to Frog Day when you register to attend "Amazing Amphibians" by MAY 2nd, just $43 (SAVE $11!). Also included is 1 free drink ticket, valid from 5:30 to 6 pm during cocktail hour.

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If you love amphibians, you will love this conservation presentation and dinner. The evening starts off with cocktail hour and a tour of the Staten Island Zoo's reptile wing by Menagerie Supervisor and reptile (and amphibian) keeper Cathy Eser. Followed by the keynote speaker Devin Edmonds talking about his project with Mitsinjo and its amphibian conservation mission in Madagascar. Buffet style Dinner to be followed by additional presentations on amphibian conservation by Allysa Borek of the Bronx Zoo and Johnathan Kolby of Operation Wallacea. During dinner you will have the chance to participate in a silent auction of Amphibian themed art from around the world. The proceeds from this event will go directly to supporting amphibian conservation via the Amphibian Ark
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I'm signing up for this...I've heard Devin speak on Madagascar before and he's a very good lecturer.

Plus....2 words....Spray...Toads.

I'm in !

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^^^ This Zoo presentation was really cool btw - (hint for Frog Day 2012). We hung out, ate, had adult beverages and heard the lecture series inside the zoo AND could walk round unescorted throughout the zoo exhibits, which were still lighted ect.

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I hope Frog Day 2012 has something cool like this. It was awesome.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thankfully It will be local and i will be able to attend.
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Michael....maybe you could get in with Chris Miller and be part of the executive committee and git er' rollin' !

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Gonna try and make it .....With Chicago only being a few hours away probably my best chance.....

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