Frog Moss

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I just bought a package of moss at the pet store, which is called frog moss on the package. It is not living, but dormant. It says that it will grow when put in a moist terrarium. It looks nice. I was just wondering if anyone else had tried it or heard of it. Fran
I have heard of it and seen it in the store. I bought a small pack of it and put it in a container with some eco-earth and it did "come to life". I think my husband mistook it for trash and pitched it so I don't really know how well it would do in a viv.
i actually just picked up a few of those packages they look good. i hope it does grow and do well. i baught live moss at a expo about 6 months ago and its doing great i purchased other live moss.. and everything in the viv died plants and frogs. so who knows with that. iv been using the brick moss made by exo terror it doesnt appear to grip the soil and grow but looks great as a substrait.

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