Frog for a Nano Viv?

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In the process of working on my 90 gallon for my pair of alimirante pumilio, I picked up a small 5.5 gallon for my desk. I was initially going to keep just plants in it, but I was wondering if there was a thumbnail species that would be okay in that small of enclosure. Possibly 2 frogs maximum. I have always believed in giving ample space, but I thought I would ask and get opinions.
As a temporary enclosure, a single thumbnail could be displayed at your work for a while, ect. I would not recommend keeping any dart frog in a tank so small permanently and def not a pair.

I would not want to live in a motel 6 standard room for too long and I suspect most people would not.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
My thoughts to, but I felt like it was worth seeing if anybody had done it. I wouldn't want to move them once established for fear of stressing anyway....plant only tank for now....
Something completely different but on a fish fourm I frequent I have seen some awesome 5.5 gallon betta tanks. Just another option if you want to use that tank at your desk.
I thought about it, but had already had the extra plants and fake rocks....I attached a pic, it will be a pretty cool plant tank...
That does look cool. Ever think about keeping insects? Possibly a mantis.
Thanks, a few extra fake mushrooms and rocks from my big project and didn't want to not use them. I have thought about those actually, an orchid mantis would be great...I have yet to find a good source for them though.

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