Frog poop - get rid of it asap

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What's the rush? It's only frog poop...

A couple of reasons you want to remove the poop ASAP:

Frog poop is very important to take note of. You can easily see if there is blood in the stool, if it's runny or other issues. 

Stools tell you that your frog is INDEED eating, which is hugely important. If you don't spray the stool away, you will soon forget if it is recent or not and lose track of it.

Stools left on plants or glass for days will harden and then become very difficult to remove. You don't want to 'hand-remove' the stool - spraying is way easier and safer than touching it or wasting a paper towel.

Finally, if you are into aesthetics or have visitors over, then a vivarium full of crusty frog logs is visually unattractive.

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