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Those of you who have a frogroom or built a room for a sealed off area for your frogs. What did you do for vents and controlling the humidity? Having a ton of tanks within that area is going to increase the humidity and in return possible mold. Looking for what others have done for this and or ideas of what to do. My room is a framed out section in my basement.

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hmmm...yeah, venting should be done. Definitely buy several different types of fans. Get some of the clip fans from bed bath and beyond....the black one's you saw in my frog room.

Sealed off rooms are both a boon and a curse. No problem with the high humidity but then you have to deal with possible mold.

Walmart has those humidity/temp gauge that clip on to stuff all over the room. I LOVE that model and highly recommend it for outside the vivarium. ... _e_title_1

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I use a dehumidifier, but they do throw heat. Great in the winter, but not so much in the summer. I can only use it in spurts. Next summer I may add AC. I'm in the middle of moving everything to the basement, which used to stay at 72F all summer long. Not so much anymore... :roll:

The whole thing is one big balancing act. Anything over 70% RH and you're going to get mold. I try to keep the room at 50% - 55% RH. It's comfortable for me when I'm working in the room. I have thought of adding an exhaust fan to vent it outside. We shall see what happens over the winter and into next summer. Fun times. lol

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