Froglets in a box rather than viv?

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I came arcoss this article regarding froglets. I hope it is okay to post the link here.

It says that for the first month at least after you get them that they should be kept in a small tupperware type container rather than a viv larger than 5g?

I was doing a search for local stores and events and found that this weekend there is an event really close to here and I am going. I guess after reading that article, should the information be reliable and correct, I could get my froglets now and keep them in the suggested container while they grow and are ready for the viv I will be setting up. There are no stores in my area that I could find and the next event isnt until May. I would prefer to buy my froglets at either of these events as it would save me a lot of money (no shipping costs) and I could actually see the froglets before I buy them.

Also if you buy froglets from a vendor at an event, what type of container do they send them home with usually?

Any opinions on this plan would be greatly appreciated. And Im sorry for posting the link to the article if that is not allowed on this forum.
The information Patrick has on his site is great advice. I would highly recommend it, and I am using it myself with some newly purchased froglets. Big Grin
The quarantine containers will save you a lot of misery "if" there was something wrong with one of your newly purchased frogs. It keeps them isolated from any others that you have, which would help prevent it from spreading.
It also allows you to monitor the frogs more closely, to make sure there eating well, and keeps there food concentrated so they have no problem finding it.
Buying them at the show would be recommended for the reasons you listed, plus much less stress for you, the frogs, and the seller, rather than shipping.
The container will probably be a clear dixie cup, like used at a grocery store deli. I would bring a styro box, or small cooler to put them in if it is pretty cold out. Doesn't hurt to take precautions.
Good luck, and Welcome to the Den... :wink:
Patrick's advice is always good. He is an honest, reputable breeder. I have purchased all but a few of my frogs from him and have never had any complaints. They arrive healthy and active, and when there was a shipping problem once that went astray, through no fault of his, and the froglets arrived dead many days later, he guaranteed it, and re-shipped without a hassle. I modify the containers from his suggestions however. for my own convenience. I use critter keepers and seal the vents with shipping tape, except for the central hinged opening for feeding. I can see the frogs better, and with the tupperware or shoe box containers. They may hop out while I'm maintaining them. I like to see what I'm getting into before I open an opaque lid, and would rather not have to open the complete lid. I also use the 2 1/2 gallon glass tanks, that are more sturdy than critter keepers and are about the same price and come with a hinged glass lid that you can partially open. Patrick now recommends keeping each froglet separately in a nursery tank, rather than in the group he sends. There is a point to this, in case one or another has problems and you need to check particular fecal samples for overwhelming parasites, you will be able to identify exactly which frog has the problem. But I've never had a problem keeping them in the original froglet group in a nursery tank. I modify the nursery tanks to include some plant cuttings, leave a couple of the shipping cups on their sides with water and some foliage, along with the recommended damp paper towel for a substrate. I've kept them on moss, and on cocoanut fiber, as well. A lot of things work.

Patrick always follows up with any problems or questions you may have. He is personally accessible and responsive. I belive he is now shipping only juveniles--a bit older, rather than froglets.
Thank you both for the responses. I did review his site and he does seem very reliable. Im going to go get a Critter Keeper today and hope that I will be able to find my new babies tomorrow at the expo!

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