Frogs for sale in TN

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Cobalt Froglets $20.00 ea
[Image: frogsforsale004.jpg]

Powder Blue Froglets $30.00 ea
[Image: frogsforsale010.jpg]

Azureus $30.00 ea
[Image: frogsforsale015.jpg]

2 Citronella Adults (unsexed) $60.00 ea
[Image: frogsforsale017.jpg]

2 female rios (one proven) $100 ea
[Image: frogpics10-6-07017.jpg]

I live near Knoxville, TN and give priority to locals. I am looking for equipment to start a saltwater tank, canister filters, or cash...we can negotiate. PM me with your zip for overnight air shipping quote.

Let's talk about some of your frogs. Get me a number or an email address and we can make something happen.
Everything is sold!
I am interested in a pair of dart frogs and I am in Knoxville too. Do you have a number that I could contact you at?


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