Frogs need to go before I leave for vacation

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Seller: Riley Williamson
Location: AZ

Ranitomeya Uakarii
Line UE
unsexed juveniles
80 ea or all 5 for 375

Ranitomeya flavovittata
Line UE
unsexed juveniles
65 ea or all 4 for 240

Pumilio Punta Laurent
Line 'SR' 14
unsexed juveniles
2 for 140

Pumilio Isla Popa
Line 'SR' 13
unsexed juveniles
$60ea or 4/$200

Pictures will be posted later

I would like these gone before I leave for vacation. Both uakarii and flavovittata breed really well in group settings.

Shipping via SYR to nearest Fedex Center for pickup- Live arrival guaranteed.
Send me your Zipcode for a shipping price.

Message me at [email protected] or message me on DD

[Image: bb2e4e8de6046b339b718bb786c2bed1.jpg] uakarii

[Image: ca766953539bc1c3bd5fad74f55ba919.jpg] Flavovittata

[Image: b0b7fef9ccd969ab1259303a0018fc54.jpg] Punta laurent

[Image: 04a8497cd53f7e0950236bc141851b81.jpg] picture of one of my male isla Popa breeders

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I found some more Punta laurent in the breeder tank

2 subadults and 1 juvenile

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I am leaving at the end of the week for vacation and would like to ship these groups of frogs up.


Uakarii.......Group of 5 now $325
Flavovittata.... Group of 4 now $200
Punta Laurent Trio..... (have heard calling in tank. Looks like a 1.1.1) $190

Isla Popa Sold

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