Getting Started (100 gal. Breeder)

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I’m getting ready to start work on a 100 gallon breeder tank. The tank’s dimensions are 40” Long X 24” Deep X 24” Tall. I’ve got some good ideas on the background, but I need to know, will a styrofoam and quickreat background will hold-up in a tropical environment?

We did some testing with FLUVAL submersible filtration systems to see if they’d push water up-hill 24 inches for a waterfall. The only pump that would do it was the #4 (The largest of the FLUVAL submersibles). My plan is, to run the hose from the pump/filtration unit, to a reservoir that spills over to create the water fall. This’ll take some room and creative thinking to get it all to look like natural rock, but I think I can make that happen…I’ll just have to take my time. I’ll post pictures as I work. Any suggestions before I get started?

i'd love to see pics

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