Getting activity back up

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So how do we get traffic to increase here and people more active?

At least here we have someone willing to listen to change and actually update the forum.

So how?
It will just have to grow (slowly) on it's own. Realize, there are quite a few people that will never leave DB. There are a few hobbyists that don't like this forum and it's brash ways. They used to hate Rich - maybe they don't like me, who knows.

It won't happen quickly, I'm afraid. We will eventually get a slice of the 'hobby pie' and I'm good with that. 

We have so much decent information (and opinion) here, and that's what matters.

Just post as much as you want. Soon you and I will turn into 4, 6, 20 and so on.

No worries.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Well I have been posting about it to my various FB groups so hopefully some people come over here.

Kind of ironic since there has been a thread over on DB asking about upgrades to the site and some responding that they are looking for an alternative. Well here it is!

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