Getting back into the hobby ( lifestyle)!

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Hi everyone!
First off, let me say Thanks for having me as a member!
My name is Mike and I'm currently living in Middle Tennessee. My wife and I ( along with 3 cats, 3 parrots, 1 Ball Python and 5 Tarantulas ) relocated here from Central California last year.
Years ago, I was pretty heavily into the Dart Frog lifestyle. 11 tanks ( 6 different kinds of Darts) all crammed into a studio apartment along with the parrots (5 at the time) and a Madagascar Giant Day Gecko who had free run of the place to "clean up" all the loose crickets.
Health issues caused me to thin my heard and the frogs and gecko were placed in good homes.
Yesterday, my wife and I went to Repticon in Nashville (just to look!)!
I wound up leaving with a pair of Tincs and a ( way too small) enclosure. They will be okay for a while but I'm already in the process of setting up a new vivarium.
I'm sure a lot has changed since I left the hobby and I'm looking forward to absorbing info from the members here.
Again, thanks for having me!
Mike ( a.k.a. "Back Into Darts") Big Grin
Welcome home Mike!

Don't be shy - jump right in and post.

~ Phil

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks Phil!
Welcome Mike! What kind of tincs did you get?
Jim from Austin |
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I got Cobalts! Not sure of the sexes of them but Thad doesn't really matter to me. Not interested in breeding, YET!
[ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND]I think they are Cobalts! Been out if it for a while!
Sorry, learning how toast photo's!

Who did you buy them from? I would ONLY buy tincs and most all frogs, for that matter, from a single private breeder who I trust.

Do not buy frogs from misc vendors at a Reptile show who are flippers and not the exact breeder of the frog.

Those frogs....don't quite look like 'Cobalts'. Too much yellow like a 'Citronella'.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I got them from "Josh's Frogs" booth. They were just labeled as Dendrobates Tinctorius! All my books are packed away somewhere from the move to Tennessee and now that you mention it, they do have a little too much yellow to be Cobalts. I trust Josh's tho. I've dealt with them before.
Wow! Looking back at my previous posts, it appears that I forgot how to spell today.
Agree with Phil that they look like citronellas. It may be worth an email to Josh or Zach (assuming they were there) to see if they remember the transaction and what you bought.

Beautiful frogs. I'm sure you will enjoy them - tincs are a wonderful display animal.
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The guy's name was Zach. I did a search online and yes, they are "Cit's"! I really need to go through some boxes and find all of my books and literature.
Thanks for bringing me up to speed on these little guys!
Well! Almost a week after purchasing the Tincs, I dug out the container they came in and realized that they are not Cit's but they are Nikita's!
Time to get my eyeglass prescription renewed!
Glad you dug up the container. This is a good example of why it's important to purchase from a trusted source. Quite a few locales can be confused with another, and there are some large scale breeders and flippers that are crossing locales and sorting by appearance. If you are considering breeding, take care to establish and understand the lineage of your frogs. Reputable breeders are eager to tell you the history of the animals. If a breeder is not willing to tell you that should be a concern.

Good luck with them! Here's more information from a translated morph guide that you might want to bookmark: ... edit-text=

named after the daughter of an exporter in Suriname
This morph reaches a SVL of 55 mm
Long circulated the opinion that they constituted about Citronella, but the two habitats are far apart. Nikita occurs in the triangle Brazil, Suriname, French, Guyana in all three countries. 'Nikita' is also much smaller than 'Citronella', much more intensely colored and varibler. There are animals that look like cobalt or almost completely yellow.
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I knew they weren't cobalts, glad you found your container. I also have bought from Josh's and trust him. I have thought about getting Nikitas before, they look very colorful! Good luck with them!
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