Getting out of the Hobby

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Ok so like i said Im getting out of the hobby for now, Im getting ready to move to Iowa and not trying to move everything with me. What I have well I will list as much as I can and I will try and pot some pics up in the morning when the lights are on . I would like to get rid of this in one whole package. Im not a huge fan of shipping so local pickup would be best for me we could work out a meeting place if need be for a fuel surcharge. So what I have.............

8-10gallon tanks not yet set up
3-15gallon tanks not yet set up
5- 10gallon setups ready for frogs plant and all
1- 90gallon set up ready to go
1- monsoon mister- 2 months old I love this thing
3- light bars with grow lights
200- 32oz deli cups
100- non vented lids
aprox 50-vented lids
several books, extra coco hut, moss spore, fruit fly media, grape leaves, breeding supplies, and just a hand full of other things I always like to keep extra on hand.


Azureus D. tinctorius sexed pair- Beautiful set- she is dropping eggs faster then I can keep up with.
1- Azureus D- sub adult
D. leucomelas Im thinking these are a trio (3), one for sure male he is a calling beast, and the 2 younger have the courting behavior starting to show a lil more every month.
1-Dendrobates auratus " Green and Bronze"

Shoot me an offer also I would prefer not to split up I kinda need it all gone asap. And dont low ball me And as far as delivery I would be willing to deliver within 200 miles with a really good offer and a fuel surcharge of .33 cents a mile, and if the offer is over what i was expecting then I may deliver for free. for pics email me at [email protected]
So here are some pics, let me know if ya want better pics of something I know some of them suck, Im trying to get the trio together but they are playing hard ball any other day they are all around each other not
I'm in Knoxville. email me @ [email protected]. Thanks, Chris.

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