Glass Amazon now with shipping to Canada

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Okay the new stuff is in, and shipping is only $5 anywhere in the country.

Chiquita Linda (almost all have pups)
Fieball" x Punctatissima Rubra
Inca x Fireball (first come first served)
Tristis Yellow
Rubiflora (biggest and baddest rubiflora ive ever seen)
Rosi-Fireball (1st time offered great smallish, viv brom)
Bloodshot Eyes
Tigrina Crispata
Rosey Valez (great orangish broms)

Racinae $6 apiece (limited quantities, only available in singles and in 20 packs


Bilmea Pasquale

Aechmea Calyculata

Not to mention we now have a great selection of Peperomias, Begonias, and All sorts of viv supplies.

Magnolia Leaf Litter, huge bag $10
small bag $5

Dwarf Arrowhead, $2
Dioscera Discolor, $3

Shipping prices are
20 broms = $70 shipping included (75 with certain broms)
10 broms= $40 shipping included (45 with certain broms)
No order refused.
Free gift with every purchase.
Pics coming, inquire about what else we can offer, and the insane deal on 30 or more broms.
bump for 13th.
some pics. many more on the way.

[Image: normal_annick.jpg]
Neo. Annick

[Image: normal_Bp.jpg]
Neo Brazilian Pepper

[Image: normal_Chiquita%20Linda.jpg]
Neo Chiquita Linda

[Image: normal_FpunctRubra.jpg]
Neo. Fireball Punct x Rubra

[Image: normal_ospinae.jpg]

[Image: thumb_Tristis%20yellow.jpg]

N. Tristis yellow

[Image: normal_IMG_1719.JPG]

Inca x Fireball

[Image: normal_IMG_1728.JPG]

Neo Angle Face
more pics

[Image: normal_V.annie.jpg]

V. Annie

[Image: normal_eoz.jpg]
N. Eoz

[Image: normal_b.pasquale.jpg]

Bilmea Pasquale

[Image: normal_zoe.jpg]

N. zoe
hey jace,

can we get some non-brom pics too?
Yeah, let me see what i can load up. Dischidia rusifolia, and some peperomia that are pretty cool.
[Image: normal_one%20pic.jpg]

Peperomias Left: Metallica Columbiana Right: Nitidia

[Image: normal_D.rusifolia.jpg]

Dischidia Ruscifolia
wow, that commie-leafed stuff is nice...are both things in the !st pic pepperomia? i'll be ordering very soon, so don't sell out!
We can always get or cut more. The top two pics are peps there are actually 2 other peps in the pic. Say that ten times.

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