Glow in the dark mushroom kit

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I got the glow in the dark mushroom kit and it says its for vivs. Just wondering if I can throw a small log in there with them already growing on it without them taking over the tank? They look like they will be sweeet!
Depending on how the mycelium spreads and what it feeds on, it may just stay on the peice of wood. I have several fungi species in my vivs.

I have a white species that will grown on just about anything and spread all over the tank, though it only 'fruits' a few time a month.

The second species is small and red, almost shelf like, but it is contained to a single piece of wood (cottonwood I think) and though other wood is touching, it only grows on this particular piece.

The kit should suggest or even provide a type of wood that the fungi will feed best on.
Yea I just opened it and this type likes oak. Looks like it only grows on wood so I think ill be good! Thx for the info
Schreff and I purchased the kits as well! The harder the wood the better results! So I am assuming it will pretty much stay to the piece of wood or pieces you put it on. But I am also in just the trial stage as well.
Thanks, TJ
Cool, think I may go outside and get a branch today and start the process. Bake the wood first I assume even though its alive?
I have been told that baking the wood helps sterilize it and sterile environments are best for the mycelium to grow.
did anyone have success with these
I did not have success with them, I don't think I kept the wood moist enough though. Maybe others have had success?

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