Good "Dart Frog Tank Constructon" Books ?

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Do any of you know of a really good step by step book concerning creating a home for darts? I want to creat a really good one. I am willing to take a few months to make sure I get each section done correctly and the plants thriving before I introduce the darts I want to get.
I'm not sure of any books but if you search the forum you can usually find a lot of info!
I guess I am looking for information on what to get. Im thinking a 20g tank.

I have been reading the viv journals other have posted but they dont necessarily have all the details. I know I need:
pvc pipes and a landing for a raised floor
Cork back or the foam stuff for the backing
netting but Im not sure what kind and where to buy?
and the different levels of substrate, what specifically do I need?
I would like to try for a waterfall so I know I need a pump and tubes of some sort....?
Oh and a fogger if necessary...
And a tight top, I only know of the fish tank tops and dont know where to find the glass tops that are really tight...

Basically I dont know much, but the tanks I have seen are beautiful. I want to spend a few months creating a really nice home before I get my frogs.

It would be nice if someone sold them already assembled and you just add the plants and moss....
Actually, someone does sell them ready to go, but he lives in Ohio, and can't ship them. He does have a good step by step page on how he makes them though. It should help out with some of your questions, and give you some visuals on how its done.

Sounds like you have a basic idea on what is needed. You will probably have to make the top or have a glass shop make it. They don't sell them in pet stores without the plastic strip in the back. But those can be used, if you do some modifications on sealing them up with silicon. Just picture how small a fruit fly is, and make sure there are no areas where they can climb out.

Here is the link to the site I mentioned above.

Don't worry about how the first few turn out. We don't start grading until the fifth one. You'll be there in no time. :wink: :lol:

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