Good beginner budget plants ?

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Ok I am not cheap. But I have built a small vivarium as a test project and am ready to add plants. I will spend some money on especially good ones, but may not be able to go out of my way to get them. The Vivarium is 3 gallons so I am looking for sturdy tiny plants.
Here is my question. What are the best frog-safe plants to keep an eye out for at K-Mart, OSH and other similar stores.

Thanks for any help.
I have gotten plants from Home Depot before. I can not tell you which ones but I made sure they were not abrasive in anyway so they do not harm the frogs.

I have also puchased plants from Home Depot and had great success. The one thing you have to ask of the place you are going to get them is if any pesticides (toxic stuff) has been sprayed on the plants. I belive HD does not use anything at all, but I would ask. They have a great selection of tropical plants and except for live moss, should be able to set you up with plants. Make sure to read the tag on the plant and dont get any that you have to let the soil dry out between watering becuse they will just die. HD even has a slection of plants that you could plant on your walls if you wanted to.

great! thanks for the info. That 3 gallon ended up breaking I guess the plastic just couldnt handle any kind of stress. Oh well I have a fifteen I am building now and it is much nicer and made of glass.

Thanks for the advice.

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