Great selection of frogs!

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Great selection of frogs!

Alpha Pro Breeders: Here is a quick list of what we have available.

Pictures can be seen our web site Alpha Pro Breeders

If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected]

Bakhuis dart frogs

Very beautifil and striking dwarf tinc.

Not offered very often, these are between

4 and 5 months old.

$70.00 each

Bakhuis dart frogs $70.00 2 available

Dendrobates Blue and Black auratus

Like all Auratus these are very striking, they are 2 - 5 months old and growing really fast.

These frogs are generally easy to breed and always seem to be in demand.
Blue & Black Auratus $39.00 SALE Several available

Peacock Tree Frog $15.00

Mullers Pudgy Frog $29.00

Ole Marie Dart Frogs

Very striking frogs, not seen very often in the hobby.

These are very well started at 4+ months old.

A must have in any collection.

Ole Marie Dart Frogs $59.00

Phyllobates aurotaenia Narrow Banded " Kokoe poison dart frog"

Beautiful Call !!

Phyllobates aurotaenia $55.00

Yellow Galactonotus: Truly a remarkable frog.

The bright yellow bodies with jet black legs make this

frog a standout in any collection. Also called Yellow Splashbacks.

They will use your entire tank, they are definitely climbers. They are a

excellent choice for a group frog. My breeders came from a group of

5 and I split them up as they got older to a 1.1 group and a 1.2 group

and both groups are great breeders.

Yellow Galactonotus $50.00

Dendrobates Surinam Cobalt

These frogs are very bold and active, reaching around 2" in size.

Relatively easy to breed and keep.

Dendrobates Surinam Cobalt Sale Price $45.99 1 available

Dendrobates Citronella

One of the larger tinc species getting 2"

Very attravtive yellow with dark blue legs

Very bold and active, and usually easy to breed

Dendrobates Citronella $50.00 1 available

Phyllobates Terribilis "orange"

One of the coolest frogs on the planet.

These have the brightest orange of any

Orange Terribilis I have seen. 2-3 months old

Regularly $100.00 each

Limited time SALE NOW $89.00 EACH !!!!!!!!!

Mint Terribilis 2 - 3 months old

Very active healthy frogs $79.00 each

Actual picture of one of the frogs for

sale. Already starting to get adult coloration.

Mint Terribilis $79.00 each Several available.

Yellow Terribilis 2 - 3 months old

Just incredible colors $100.00 each

Actual pictures of some of the frogs for

sale. Starting to get adult coloration.

Yellow Terribilis $100.00

Phylobates Bi-Color "green leg version"

These are great large frogs with the males having

a beautiful call. These frogs do great in groups!

Bi-Colors 2 - 3 months old $49.00

Imitator "nominant"

Great thumbnail to start with. This was my first,

and still one of my favorite thumbnails. Easy to breed

usually laying 2 to 3 eggs at a time.


Strawberry Pumillio $125.00

I took this frog in on a trade, very bold always out and visible.

Beleived to be a male, but I personally have not heard calling.

Approximately 1 year old. Just 1 available

Strawberry Pumillio $125.00

Ranitomeya fantastica

Truly one of the most spectacular thumbnail species.

Not recommended for beginners

Ranitomeya fantastica Aprox. 8 months old $125.00 Just 1 available

French Guiana ventrimaculatus (Blue Leg Form)

Truly a beautiful frog!!!

Great frog to introduce yourself to thumbnail species.

These frogs get approximately 3/4" in size. Pretty call

These frogs will do well in small groups, very easy to breed.

French Guiana ventrimaculatus $39.00

Melanophryniscus stelzneri
Bumble Bee Toad Adults $29.00

Black Eyed Tree Frog

Agalychnis moreleti

These are sub adults / Adults

Very amazing looking frogs, a true

must have for any collector.

Black Eye Tree Frog (sub adults) Agalychnis moreleti $59.00 Just 2 available

Amazon Milk Frog (Trachycephalus resinifictrix)

They prefer mid 70's and humid tanks, just like dart frogs.

They are a month out of the water and eating 1/4" crickets.

Milk Frogs $39.00 4 available.

Cryptophylobates (hyloxalus) Azureiventris

Great medium size frogs, very active

and fun to watch. Great choice in first

frog. Easy to breed and does great in groups.

Cryptophylobates Azureiventris $29.50 Few available

Tarapoto Imitators

Mark Pepper line

2-3 months old

Incredible metallic shine to them $79.00

Orange Lamasi

2 - 3 months old

Stunning colors

great breeders

Reg. $69.00

Limited time special $49.99

Orange Lamasi $49.99

Very popular thumbnail from Peru

Great in groups and usually easy to breed.

Several available

Alpha Pro Breeders

Will trade freshwater shrimp & fish for frogs!
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Alpha Pro Breeders

Will trade freshwater shrimp & fish for frogs!
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Will trade freshwater shrimp & fish for frogs!

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