Group of six true costa rican auratus 3adults/3subadults

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WTS group of six costa rican auratus. extremely bold, and gorgeous. Three adults and three subadults. I have seen what I thought was courting and a possible batch of molded eggs. I havent been checking for eggs on this group as I have been contemplating selling them and I have a lot of spring breeding going on. I cant confirm nor deny that thay are proven but my guess is there is atleast a pair and another+ They are registered with TWI here are their accesssion numbers

TWI registration numbers:

61TWI589 3 subadults sean stew line
61TWI588 3 adults j-l exotics
375.00 plus shipping fedex overnight
live arrival guaranteed minus shipping costs. must report with pics any doa's within 1 hour. must be available to sign for package. i do prefer hold for pickup at main fed ex hub in your area. please email me at [email protected] if interested. thanks, kristySmile
still available shipping weather is great next week. will make a great breeding project. bump
last price reduction bump. need to make room for some other breeding projects. 375.00 and that includes shipping and live arrival guarantee as stated aboveSmile kristy
still available pending payment kristy Big Grin
Sent ya a PM. Thanks. -Buddha
3.0.0 Children
0.0.4 Tincs "patricia"
0.0.4 Bronze Auratus (Brians Tropicals)
0.0.4 Blue/Black Auratus (UE)
0.0.4 Green/Black Auratus (UE)
0.0.4 Turquoise/Bronze Auratus (El Cope) (UE)
0.0.4 Blue/ Bronze Auratus (UE)
0.0.7 D. Ventrimaculatus (Borja ridge) (UE)
2.3.0 D. Luecs "Fine Spotted"
0.0.4 D. Auratus "Campana"
1.1.3 Yellow Truncatus
got it. just wanted to let you know shipping is included so no need for zip code. i lowered the price to sell and it wouldnt be fair of me to charge you shipping. if you see on dendro i also changed my ad to include shipping. i sent you a pm. kristy Big Grin
they have been sold to another member of dendroboard i feel confident with. thanks to all the replies. kristySmile

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