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Hey, all!

I just came into possession of two azureus frogs, and I cannot be more excited! I spent the last few weeks researching like crazy, so I don't really have any initial questions just yet, but I thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself. So, hello! My name is Micah and I'm a college student from Long Island. I work at a pet store and own quite a menagerie already, from parrots to snakes to betta fish. I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time on here as I learn more about my new babies. The pair I purchased, as I am told, are quite prolific egg-layers, so I would love to learn more about breeding and raising tadpoles.

I look forward to becoming more involved on this forum as I continue my dart frog adventures! Smile
Welcome to Dart Den Micah ! I'm sure you'll find everything you need here and if you don't see something - be sure to ask. You'll probably get a response within an hour or even less.

You're in a good area for fellow froggers too. Suffolk Co has a bunch of hobbyists.

Take your time and look around...enjoy yourself.



"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Beautiful frog. I'm in NJ, so there are froggers in every direction.
Thanks, guys!

As it turns out, I do have a few questions:

1) What sort of vitamin supplements would you recommend? I have access to only a few where I work (I think just the Tetra Fauna brand), so if there are better ones I would love to know.

2) I'm still awaiting the arrival of my fruit flies. In the meantime, can I toss in a few pinhead crickets to hold my frogs over until Friday?
I think some folks get away with feeding pinheads to some larger frogs (like terribilis) so you might be able to. Someone with more experience will chime in a let you know.
You might be better off ordering supplements from an online shop, many people use Repashy supplements with great success. I will be switching once I am done with my current supplements (right now I am using reptical and herpevit). I also throw in some Repashy super pig and vitamin A from time to time.
Hi Micah,

Crickets, even pin heads, are not suitable for most dart frogs. Some of the larger tincs and terribs will take crickets, but I would advise you to get "fruit fly culturing 101" under your belt ASAP, or you will have problems quickly and smaller frogs will not be able to recover. Almost all PETCO's and Petsmarts now sell fruit flies and supplements. You could certainly try to feed a pin head or two, but they need to be VERY small and even then, most froglets can't eat them.

Here's a thread with some supplement names at the end. I need to make a sticky for supplements here soon, as we get a lot a questions on them and their use.



"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Okay, understood. I had read elsewhere that pinheads could be used in addition to the fruit flies, but I wasn't sure how adequate of a food source they would be. I ended up getting some flies from the person who sold me the frogs to hold me over until mine arrive. Thanks for your input.

And thanks for the link, I'll get to reading right away!

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