Hello... Beginner here.

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Hello everyone. Im am brand new to the frog game. I just bought 2 tanks from Phil. Thank you sir!!! I got a 20g and a small Exo terra. I building a 55g tank for 5-8 Leucs, auratus, terribilis, or bicolor. Not sure which one yet. I want a community frog and have multiple pairs. My Buddie Venomos has been a great help in getting me educated about dart frogs.
Welcome Jeremy,

Central PA and the Mid Atlantic Region - MD, NJ and NY have a TON of hobbyists. You are in a good area and are going to have good access to a lot of different species.

Be sure to go to the Hamburg show....it's fun.

Glad to have both you and T.J here.....enjoy the site and the hobby!



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I want to go to the Hamburg show really bad. I think the wife and I will be in Daytona for Biketoberfest. Not sure if we are going to be able to yet though. So we shall see lol. Im glad TJ got me involved in darts. I think im going to enjoy it as much as I do my reef tanks.
Hi Schreff
Welcome to dart den. Yeah, think you will find many froggers are also reefers (or were at some point). Well, keep us posted with your progress and any questions.

Scott - North Dallas

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