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My name is Kyle and I am located in Louisiana. Getting into the dart frog hobby here. That portion is new to me. I have kept other frogs, turtles, lizards, fish and the like both before and currently. I have a few small vivs going. Mostly just to grow plants in, etc. I have been building my first viv with GS background features etc. It's a ten gallon but I have no intention of putting any frogs in it, just more plants. I have plans and accommodations for a much larger one, about 250+ gallons and was just getting some practice with the above ten gallon.
I do have a few questions but I will post those in the more appropriate locations on the board.
My only introductory question is are there any other froggers in Louisiana?
I am sure there are but I do not know any.... Yet ! Smile
Seems like a great area to do so - it's already humid most the time and warm throughout most the year and hot for most the rest. This was one of the coldest winters of recent years but I am sure the same is true for most. We have lots of natural supplies, bugs, moss, magnolia leaves for days and days, driftwood all over the rivers and bayous, ferns all over and other small semi to tropical plants and such, not to mention oak and just about any other leaf for litter.
Anyways hello and I look forward to learning a lot and to the day I get my first dart or two. No real ideas yet on what or how many I will be getting but that will come with time an knowledge.
Thanks in advance
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Hi Kyle and welcome.

Louisianna is def not a hot spot for froggers. I've only ever seen 2-3 posts from hobbyists down your way. You should look under the sticky for "Reptile Shows" in the Groups and Gatherings forum to find a Reptile show near you and attend that. You can most likely find other dart froggers there or at least get some info from some of the vendors as to where some may be located -close by.


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Hi Kyle,
glad to have you be a part of Dart Den.
You just missed the Repticon show in New Orleans this weekend.
I can think of a couple of people in Louisiana that keep dart frogs,.
You might have to make a road trip to Texas,
we have a few shows, and a lot of froggers! Big Grin
Good call Cindy,

Accessing my "mental map" of all things dart frog related......I'm gonna say, that Houston and Dallas may be your best and closest bets for large groups of fellow hobbyists, meetings, reptile show and other gatherings. Northern Florida is kinda sparse - panhandle.

Orlando, Tampa and Daytona - Big show are the hot spots in FL for darts and hobbyists.


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Click on the "CP" - control panel and add "Baton Rouge" LA to your profile....that will help hobbyists that are nearby to see your area and possibly reach out.


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Hello Cindy
I know I wasn't able to go between Mardi Gras and the kids. Just too much madness going on in New Orleans this week Smile
Thanks Phil I will look into some of the upcoming shows nearby and hopefully get to make a road trip one day.
I have already found and used some useful information from this site! Have started a fly culture from one I bought, we will see how that goes - so far so good.
Cool beans, been wanting to visit down that way. Trying to find states that I would like to move to. Probably don't want to be too close to New Orleans though...I got you kids....don't need to see daddy drunk or mommy earning some beads LOL.

Any Questions don't hesitate to ask. Don't forget to look up Microfauna culturing like springtails or woodlice. Both are very benificial to the vivarium ecosystem.
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Man I got more stories about those two things .... HAHA good times.
I'm actually from NOLA until Katrina, moved to the hills - 116 ft ABOVE sea level Smile
New Orleans will be some great beach front property one day, but for now I'm staying up here - Lol
If you want to know what your frogs feel like in the tank, and you can't fit in yours then come to Louisiana during the Summer.

Yes I think next I will get some springtails and maybe some bean beetles. Have not looked into the wood lice yet but certainly will.
I will soon be starting a pretty large build and have mostly been collecting different flora from my local woodland area i.e. My backyard. I am up on a large hill area and behind me is a large gully with a small stream at the bottom. Tons of fern I have found three different types already, moss four different ones, all sorts of mushrooms and such. I have yet to identify them or even try but I will and post something up.
For those who are; and should be, concerned I collect in a responsible manner. Take only what will hopefully get it going to grow more. I only collect fallen branches and leaves. I always collect from different areas and never clear or make much difference to the area.
After all it IS MY backyard and I want the wildlife there to stay and thrive. Tons of birds - this is where John Audubon did most of his work with birds. There are also deer, wild rabbits, raccoon, squirrel, chipmunks, some small snakes, and frogs lots of frogs. Mostly green tree and some toads. I have found three very different frogs up by my house in the last week.

A white tree frog adult
A brown toad froglet
A narrow mouthed toad juvi

All in all very different scenery than in NOLA and only an hour and a half away from the party Smile

I've only been down there once, but i loved it. I love all the old places in the U.S. The cities with palpable history and soul. Boston, Philly ect....New Orleans has it too.

It is a little intimidating to stand UNDERNEATH a levee and look UP at the lake.

I like those Hand grenades, that rum punch and all that pirate stuff on Bourbon street. Fun times.


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