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Hello everyone. I'm Kevin. I'm 19 years old and hail from a very small town in New York by the name of Nineveh. Its about 30 minutes north of Binghamton, 1.5 hours south of Syracuse, and 4 hours west of NYC. I am beginning to start my own out of home business 'A&K Reptiles' with my girlfriend. I currently am only breeding leopard geckos and growing out my other reptiles for breeding. I actually have 4 Leo eggs incubating as we speak. I have decided to expand my business horizons to not only reptiles but amphibians as well and have seen a noticeable interest in PDFs. So here I am. I am trying to learn as much as I can before October 15th so that I can pick up a couple pairs at the Hamburg Reptile Expo then. I am obtaining 2x 29 gallon, 1x 20 gallon tall, 1x 20 long, and 2x 10 gallon tanks next Friday all for $45. To be used as grow outs for the larger species, and breeding tanks for the smaller thumbnails, along with a couple quarantines. I hope to learn as much as I can here and feel free to call, email, or add me on Facebook (Kevin Bullis, [email protected]). You can also 'like' my recently created business page on there also....link to it on my fbook.

Many thanks to all those who reply and lead me down the right path. Smile

A&K Reptiles
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Hi Kevin,

Welcome to Dart Den.



"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thank You for the welcome. Smile
Welcome to the addiction, Kevin. I think you will enjoy frogs a lot more if you get in it for your pleasure instead of trying to breed to help run a business. I have sold lots of frogs over the years and pretty much every dollar I made, I put back into my collection in the form of better, larger vivs or different frogs.
Scott Bryant
Thanks. I will definitely have some for pleasure!

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