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hello my name is ashley and i am new to dart frogs but not to reptiles and amphibians. in a few months i will be getting 2 dart frogs

i am really torn between getting 2 black and green auratus or 2 leucs. i like them both so i guess i will see what is at the reptile show and maybe fate will decide for me? for those of you who have them feel free to tell me which of the 2 you like the best

i will be getting froglets (not sure how old i will have to ask) i will be starting them off in a 10g with wet paper towels and some coco huts and the like as a quarentine tank for a few months and i plan on getting a fecal done(how do you give meds to such tiny little things? lol) and to let them grow some before moving them into a larger tank

while they are in quarentine i will set up their permanent home( a 30g) and let that sit so the plants can grow in nicly before the froggies start living in there

i would like to have riccia(sp?) as the flooring but i am up for suggestions on other plants for those of you with those species which plants do they seem to prefer?(ill try the search function for this too)

for bedding i plan on using a coco husk/peat mix
is the peat important? i know some people dont like it b/c it breaks down quikly and can be acidic and some people say to add some b/c plants do well with it

so my question is if i go with the mix what ratio should i use? 50/50?

fruit flys... oh boy lol i think i understand how to culture them and plan on buying 3-4 cultures at the show as no one around me sells them the closest place is an hour away unless i order online

so i figure if i get 3-4 cultures they will last long enough for me to figure out if i can get a culture going(ill set up 2 when i first get home)

i guess i could try ordering them first to see if i can get them going but i do not like ordering live things online b/c our delivery people are not that great at doing their job and it has been hot here latly and i dont want them left out to die(they once placed an order of live snails inside our van on a 90 degree day!!!) so who knows where the flies would end up lol

hmm....... well i think that is all for now any tips are greatly appreciated
and i will ne doing tons of reading so i am sure i will some up with more questions though lol

ok lets see what I can help with

1. leucs are most likely going to be bolder than auratus, and they have a much louder call, I always reccomend leucs for a first dart.

some meds if needed, like panacur for worms, can be dusted on theffs and administered that way, and some others are in drop form to be administered on their backs

riccia is great... keep it moist, bromeliads are always apreciated, and creeping plants like ficus pumilia and peperomia prostrata arebombproof additions

dont bother with peat moss, use coco fiber mixed with coco chips and or spagnummoss, the plantswill do fine

you can order flies and culturing supplies online with little worry or hassle.
or www.edsflymeat.com have everything you need
have fun
think, it aint illegal yet

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