Help! MUST sell my frogs immediately!

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I have to sell all of my frogs ASAP, due to a recent family crisis. I have 4 blue azureus frogs, which include a breeding pair. I also have 3 of their tadpoles.

I also have a breeding pair of Varadero R. imitators, along with 2 of their tadpoles.

Also available is a large corner tank on a wooden stand.

I'm desperate to sell these all. Please contact me with any offers! I am located in Lancaster, PA.
Can you ship? If so I call the varaderos!!

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I've been looking to get a few azureus so if you're thinking you might ship and still need to find them a home let me know.
Please send me a text or call. It would be easier to communicate that way. I won't be able to ship until later next week, because of the temperatures here.
PM sent with local options.

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Sent a text.
The frogs are going to the frog meet next weekend in MD. Thank you for your help.
Awesome good luck.
:? thanks for getting back to me

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