Help me find a plastic box-like cover, lid

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I am happy to use the 'large' size critter Carriers for grow outs, temporary tanks and quarantine enclosures but am in need of a proper lid. Not wanting to risk saran wrap or other ad hoc plastics ect.

Anyone have ideas here...I was thinking of finding a clear plastic box bottom, or lid that will fit nicely over the top existing lid of the critter Carriers. The goal here is to prevent humidity loss and allow for possible stacking.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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These are what I use for grow out containers: ... g&start=53

They have a foam seal that make them completly ff proof and are large enough they don't need to be opened up everyday. Also, they stack really nice and come in 2 or 3 different sizes. I got mine at a local Michaels for 50% off as well.
Scott Bryant
They had these same gasket boxs at menards last week when I was there for just a few $ less. Two sizes. Not many in stock and i didnt grab any but Im hopping they still carry them because I planned to pick few up.
For various reasons I want to use the critter carriers. I've used many different plastic box types over the years. I'm looking for a modification for the CC

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What if you got a spatula and spread silicone in all the vents of the existing lid? Or you could buy a 3D printer and custom build some. How about that for some extremes Smile
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I got the idea from seeing Marcus B's huge quarantine/temporary room. It was nothing but racks of CC. They were in a humidity controlled room that most of us do not have the luxury of using.

I want to keep the lid as-is. I hate most all permanent / hard modifications.

I just want to set a slightly oversized clear plastic box upside down fashion on top of the CC. I've looked for such a fit whilst combing the aisles of Home Despot and the 'Wal of Marts with CC lid top in hand but no such luck..

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Phil wack some pics up mate,of what your after please,the CC just means county cricket to me,naturally I've already started to fall asleep,but if I could see some pics to muse on i'm sure a workaround(see that's american 8) ,i'm getting there) can be found,naturally it will be simple and practical

Bad designs are not needed in the dart where's that fish tank Confusedhock:

Phil, i got you covered. Sending you pics....

Swing and a miss. Waiting on Phil to post pics before I take another crack at it.

Just a though, but try someone who has a vacuum forming machine. Have them use clear plastic and it will conform around your existing lid. That way it can be removed with no damage....
How about glass?
It should make a nice, non deforming seal and allow them to be stack-able.
If you silicone 4 tabs to the glass just inside the lip of the Critter Carrier, the glass would not slide around. It would also allow you to easily pivot the lid up with one hand while feeding/misting with the other.
Placing any material over the edge of the critter carrier will allow a small gap resulting in some ventilation. Varying the thickness of material will vary the amount of ventilation. I have used a folded note card for this in the past.

This would require removing the original lid and will dramatically reduce the ventilation.
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Thought id share this. Found this plexi raffle ticket box at work and saw potential. So heres what I did w it.

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