Help, my turtle has a tapeworm

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Hello, I know this doesn't have anything to do with darts, but, my Florida Softshell turtle has a tapeworm, and I have no idea how to get rid of it. I was hoping dr. frye or someone else experienced in this field could recommend a cure. I also noticed some other worms in a sample of water I got from him. It almost appeared to be some type of nematode. It was definitely an acoelomate though. Anyway, let me know, please.

Ed Parker
Ed I cant help you with the turtle question but I was wonder what all the numbers mean on your footer. I have seen this on a few peoples post. Sorry for the newbie question.


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Tapeworms are relatively uncommon and harmless in reptiles. why do you think the turtle has a tapeworm? I'm not trying to say it doesn't, but just wondering how you diagnosed it. The treatment of choice for tapes in reptiles is praziquantel at 10 mg per kg body weight given orally once.
I found a large strand of the tapeworm hanging out of him. It was alomst 7 inches long. I put it under a microscope, and it definitely was a tapeworm. I could see each little proglottid of it. There was also a small nematode in the water sample I took with the tapeworm. I will give that med a try, can I just pick it up at a vets office? THanks all that have helped

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