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HI!!! i am new to keeping dart frogs but do know some of my stuff i was hopping you guys could help me set up my tank give me some information i wanted to know what kind of substrate i should use because i want my plants to grow and look amazing and what frog should i star of some nice cool ones and if any i from WI can you tell me a good pet store thankes every one
Long live Frogs
I used Exo Terra Plantation soil for my substrate... It holds water very well, and gives the plants a great hold of the substrate!
thanks for replying i will try it thx
Long live Frogs
I would go to have everything you need to get your tank set up. I would recommend dendro bedding, and terra lite substrate for drainage... they also suggest you dose the bedding with dyna-gro to help the plants thrive. Let me also strongly recommend that you make a false bottom set up. I set my tank up with it first and ended up having to redo it all over again adding the false bottom (just google "false bottom vivarium"). Species D. Auratus, D. Azureus, or D. Leucomelas are great starter frogs. Hope it all goes well Big Grin
You don't want to get your frogs from a Pet Store. There are lots of great vendors to buy from online that specialize in dart frogs. Take your time and do your research first. Good luck!
I use LECA with leaf litter on top - highly recommended!

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