How do I quarantine?

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How do I quarantine ? How do I collect the samples ?Is there a way I can do it myself ?
no, you should not examine samples yourself---it really takes experience to do it. You should always quarantine for one to three months, regardless if your frogs look well or not---most will have some sort of bug that need treating. Send your fecal test questions to Dr. Frye at [email protected]. The charge per sample per frog, unless they have been kept together, in which case you could send a pooled sample of feces as one, is $18 plus your area cost for overnight shipping. Ask Dr. Frye for specifics regarding collection of feces and packing, etc.
rich frye can give you advice as dr. frye his brother the vet can also. very knowledgeable. I wouldn't even try doing fecals yourself. perhaps ask rich frye about how to properly quarantine. usually is a three month method for proper quarantine protocols and one clean fecal from dr.frye doesn't necessarily mean a clean one....thats why you have to send in a few over a few months before entering your collection into a new viv. advice...parasites don't always shed at a consistent rate as rich frye has stated somewhere on this forum meaning just because you get a clean fecal doesnt mean it is a clean'll need to recheck. dr.frye and rich frye are the only two i know of for outstanding advice on this question as i am fairly new to hobby...and have learned my lesson on my first dart acquired....not from a reputable breeder nor did i fecal or quarantine right. so i recommend contacting dr.frye for a consult via email to schedule the consult over the phone for questions and rich frye for questions on proper quarantine. he knows his stuff...and has great line of darts as well. fecals are 18.00 plus overnight shipping to dr.frye plus any meds needed. quarantine usually involves three months but i could be wrong. parasites shed at different times meaning you may need several fecals. the fecals are 18.00 per group not per frog. a generous price considering dr.frye also does other vet specialties besides darts and is not there to see your darts only by pics or email or phone consults. by the way...i highly reccomend phone consults with him. it is 1 dollar per minute but worth it.....lots of great info you will need. darts are by no means an inexpensive hobby. lots of work too...but hope you can stay and find what you are looking for. one added note.....chytrid or other viruses in darts do not show up in fecals that is why quaranting for atleast three months is reccommended to observe them but again i am not the expert them and you'll get the advice you need. kristy Big Grin
there is a comapny that does chytrid tests called pisces molecular....chytrid can kill before you even get the results back...i dont belive dr.frye does those....but you can ask. he is great. Also it is good to have a first aid kit from dr.frye...i bought panacur(dewormer) just in case...baytil i think is for bacterial skin lesions..nose rubs not quite'll have to ask him...something caslled sdd or ssd for bacterial infections i think is good to have on hand as is metronidazole...treats bacterial infections found in fecals and also stimulates appetite...always good to have on hand. I bought these four from dr.frye after our consult. His consults very informative. ask the experts i think you'll get your answers as you are looking for. Dr.frye is very good and answers emails rather quickly ......gone on wed....dont send in feclas to arrive wed. email him about procedures and he'll probably want to set-up phone consult. amphibian ringers solution is always good to have on hand also..a must for serious dart hobbiests in my opinion. hope this helps kristy Big Grin

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