How many gallons is my fish tank or glass box - Calculator

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Here ya go. The ultimate Aquarium Volume Calculator ! ... ulator.php

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Thanks for the info, that calculator is great and I never knew US gallons were different than UK gallons.
The simple calculation I use is this.

(Length x Width x Height)/231

LxWxH in inches. That will give you gallons.
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Thanks I have a large tank & needed to know the gallons to refer to in posts
My recommendation for frog 'living space' is TEN 'gallons per frog. Possibly more for a huge group of terribilis, possibly less for a group of small ventrimaculatus.

and THEN the hardscaping comes into play. If you have 'un-usable' sides and background and too much height, then you need to ADD some size to the tank.

have few large plants and hides, and visual barriers ? You'll need to go bigger yet.

get the idea?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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