How much are my frogs an' stuff worth if I sell them?

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I'm seeing a lot of questions about 'getting out of the hobby', and " I paid/have this much into my 'set-up'' ect, and here are my 02 cents. I'm basing this off of what I have seen being in the Dart Frog hobby for @ 12 years and the overall 'Exotic Animal Hobby' for over 35 years.

This is a hobby, and as a hobby, the depreciation of animals and goods is extreme. The only items in this hobby that I would say, hold their value, would be proven pairs or proven groups of frogs.

As for tanks, enclosures, aquariums, lights, wood, ect ect....I would say recouping 50% of the purchase price would be almost a TOP or high end, most likely 30% seems an average to me.

Similar with single frogs or unknown groups, sexes, ages ect. If you can recover 50% or more of what you paid, then that is more on the rare side.

Proven or rare frogs and groups ect have the highest 'resale' value. They can certainly be sold for over 50% and sometimes closer to 100% IF you are patient and have connections and people to vouch for you and the animals.

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You also forgot to mention that 50% of your price is not 50% of other peoples prices. I see it all the time on CL, FB etc...
Person A goes into local pet shop pays $150 for a 18x18x24 exo terra, $40 for a hood, $35 from for each E27 LED light. So by your mark they might ask for $130 for it all at 50%. But realistically those exo terras go fro $50 tops on CL, and the hood and lights would be maybe $40 more max. So the person keeps complaining but they aren't seeing the reality that most people don't pay those prices, they might pay $100 for a brand new exo terra, $30 for the hood and $20 for each light. So when ever pricing out your stuff you have to go check what the online prices are, what the deal prices are, did you factor in $1 / gallon sales etc...
Ultimately, stuff is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Smile I personally would rather pay 100% for new tanks rather than 50% for used. I start to consider used, in very god condition, at around 40%. I'm a fish guy so I won't buy anything above 30gal used. Not worth the risk of a silicone failure.

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