How to drain a Vivarium ?

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I have been looking at several guides for how to set up up a vivarium and I have come across a problem of how to drain the tank. In the guide it says that "a drainage nozzle is installed in a hole in the glass near near the bottom of the Vivarium."

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to drain the tank of excess water ? Thank You.
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Use a Turkey Baster pushed into the corner of the viv. Has your viv a 'false bottom' that holds excess water?

Some people never "drain" their tanks as either not much water accumulates there, or the plants and in-tank humidity "uses" the water.

In almost any case, standing Vivarium water does not smell or pose a health risk to the frogs or you. No worries.

The Vivarium constructions that make most use of a drain, are those with automatic misting systems. Like Marcus said, sometimes a small pool (pond) access in a corner that can be hand drained with a Turkey Baster is easy and sometimes the best.

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Yes my terrarium will have a false bottom. Mine won't have an automatic misting system so I will use the turkey baster. Thanks a bunch.
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So there is no need for water changes if you have a "pool" as far as the frogs are concerned? There is something else I have been wondering in regard to water...are the frogs effected at all by nitrates or ammonia in the water??

Cer-I read one of your threads and it led me to look through all of your "beginner" threads. Together they make a pretty good guide. Thanks Smile
Dart Frogs do not "pee and poop" into the water and produce ammonia ect like fish and other animals. The frog waste stays on the substrate and is reduced or processed by microfauna and bacteria there. The small amount of waste that may get flushed or misted into the pool wouldn't bother me either.

You can install a drain, hand syphon occasionally or not at all. There is no "correct"'s all personal preference.

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Ok. Thanks

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