How to get rid of Mold in the Tank ?

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I have noticed mold growing in my tank again. The first time my tank was at about 80% humidity, and then it went to about 50% humidity and mold grew again. How do I stop the Mold ?
i NEED more frogs Big Grin
Frogs are in there? 20% humidity is going to kill them - the mold is ok and springtails will actually eat it
OK, well I took out the moss that the mold grew on, and there has been no more mold and the humidity is back up to like 70% .
i NEED more frogs Big Grin
OK, shoot for 80% humidity and higher though.
k, thanks.
i NEED more frogs Big Grin
nice to know
Wow. You should try to get your humidity up much higher - closer to 80%.

Your worries should be about 0.01% for the mold and 99.99% for the dessication or drying-out of your frogs. Mold almost always grows in tanks even when you are doing things right. Do you have a glass lid, and are you spraying the tank often enough ?

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