How to make fillers for mounds?

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So, depth is always good in a terrarium/aquarium, and since using bags and bags of soil to make a mound in the tank, I was wondering if there are alternatives to dirt to fill spaces up? Or, are mounds handicapping frogs from using tank space?
Would PVC be sufficient to fill the place needed? Hydroton, sphagnum moss(ew, anaerobic bacteria!), or is bark/dirt the only option? What do ya'll do to make mounds in your terrariums? Smile

Thanks so much! Smile
You can try GS foam - just make sure its nice n dry before you coat w silicon and coco fiber. Then let the setup cure for 4-6 days or until no odor.
Scott - North Dallas
Buy a filter media bags for an aquarium canister filter (2 bucks for 3 at petsmart), and fill it with hyroton or sand. Pile the 'dirt' on top and you have a nice little mound. If you use sand they are essentially little sand bags and can help contain water in areas that you may want more wet then others, or keep water away from areas...etc.

Rana's suggestion might be the simplest though, especially since you can carve it to the exact size or shape you need.
I use eggcrate. After making the false bottom I just create a "second" false bottom and place it over the first. Eggcrate and void space keeps the viv light and you don't get as much water "wicking" as you would with other filler materials. You can't have enough leaf litter either so perhaps the easiest way would be ad more leaf litter in desired areas and just replace it as it compresses.
I should have said "add more" rather than "replace" as it compresses.

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