Huge Costa Rican Moth - "White Witch", Thysania agrippina

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This big boy was at least 10 inches, wing tip to wing tip !

sarapiqui area / Northeast C.R

"Hiding in Plain sight"

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
What tipped you off that it is a moth? Did it eat your entire shirt?! Could you imagine an attic full of those. Hide the family quilt grandma, there are not enough moth balls in the city to keep those away.
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Thats big as hell...imagine having one of those hit the bug zapper. Damn thing would short out.
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Too funny !

Imagine if it got in your tent and started smackng you around late at night....

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Imagine that fly in your face when you open the old antique chest.
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Jason Juchems

I was at a party under a sort of shelter in Costa Rica, many years back. It was basically a thatched roof held up by small tree trunks. As I extended my arm, to rest my hand on one of the supports, I saw a spider sitting right where my hand was going that was about the size of that moth's wing span. I still have nightmares, lol.
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This magnificent moth known as "White Witch", Thysania agrippina, is the lepidopteran with the biggest wingspan in the world. I photographed this while living in the far northern cloud forest of Panama. It had a wing span of 11.5 in.
[Image: 104_2_2.jpg]
[Image: 043_3.jpg]
Holy cow! thats a sheet full of insects!! what the heck did you do to attract that many? while i was living down there I tried just about everything to attract night flying critters, I bought a white sheet in town and a clamp lamp, and a black light! i tried moving the rig to a different end of the Smithsonian's Bocas del toro property each night i was doing it and only got small non exciting things... i even made a trap with the light so i could just turn it on and check it in the morning.. still got nothing of interest... weird..
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Beth....try to get some in situ pics of these.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I will keep an eye out for one, would be hard to miss. Smile
That is an amazing moth....Beautiful.

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