Huge list of supplies for sale!

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Here at Dart Frog Depot we strive to bring excellent quality products to our customers at low prices. We are also adding new products by the week, so check back often. Here is a list of what we currently have for sale

Bromeliads-$5 each!
Sphagnum moss-$5/gallon
Reindeer moss-$5/gallon
Spanish moss-$5/gallon
Sheet moss-$5 /gallon
Pillow moss-$5 /gallon
ABG mix-$6 /gallon
Tree fern fiber-$6/gallon
Orchid bark-$5/gallon
Fine grade charcoal-$5/gallon
Perilite -$5 per gallon
Vermiculite-$5 per gallon
Leave litter-Live oak,magnolia, pin oak-$5 /gallon
Indian almond leaf-$5 per 10 large leaves
Springtail food-$5 per 16oz
Fruitfly packages-starting at $20 to make at home cultures

Plus much more, Shipping not included. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Dart Frog Depot

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