I got a new tank!

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As you know ive bin having trouble with my 20 gallon long viv. about headroom so i went to petsmart today and they had a great deal on a 29 gallon high with hood for 59.99 so i got it :lol: so now i have lots of room! ill keep you guys posted on what im going to do with it.
Excellent choice, with many possibilities, more than likely hood will not be 'useable'.!
Thanks cindy for the reply, i was wondering, if i put ventalation on the FRONT of the tank would that stop condisation from forming? i really dont want to use fans but if thats the only way to clear the condisation i guess i can do it , please reply
Ventilation for that size tank is somewhat difficult at best.
Keep in mind that the frogs need 80-100% humidity. So if the front glass is fogged it is probably just 'right' for the frogs. I would invest in an aquarium magnet to clear the glass when you wanted to view the tank.
Remember, sitting up this tank is for the frogs, your ability to view the frogs should be secondary.
thats genious Idea i never thought of that! thanks so much!! so does that meen i dont need ventalation? like i said im a newb
Your frogs would be perfectly happy in a tank with a solid glass top. I would suggest having a front section and back section hinged together so that you can open just the front section for feeding, plant trimming, etc. Some people (myself included) put in a small section or a couple of screened holes to allow some ventilation. It makes it easier to see the frogs and the plants appreciate the air flow. I always have condensation on the front glass, but not so much that I can't view the frogs. I don't see the necessity for fans. Those that use them, use them for certain plants, not for the frogs. Fran

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