I keep trying to smash the fly on my screen

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I was sitting on the couch where my 120 cabinet backs into enjoying a nice local IPA last night when a fly meandered across my phone screen when I visited DartDen. I smashed it - but it kept going. I swear I smashed it again, then it appeared on the left side of my screen again ...

Whose idea was this to torment froggers with escapee populations in their house?
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The Fly is fun, is it not? Did you notice the Tinc eye moving and focusing on it when it get close?

The happy ending (for the Fly, not the Frog) is that he gets away!


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Hah yeah it’s funny - it fooled me though! I just went back and looked at the tincs eyes lol. I didn’t notice initially I was so focused on smashing the fly. It still gets me - can’t fight to instinct to crush escapees lol.
Jim from Austin | https://www.oneillscrossing.com/dart-frogs/
fantastica nominant | summersi | reticulata

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