I'm new to frogs and have a few Q's

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Hey, i'm new to frogs, and was wondering how i could build my setup cheaply? I have a 20gallon tank. I would like to put a pond in it, how big should the pond be? And can i just spray in there with a spraybottle everyday for misting? And for raising FF's can i just put a chunk of banana in a plastic bowl with a lid on it?
Thanks for any help.
It is really not a "cheap" project! Are you planning to get PDFs or something else? You don't have to have a pond at all, as most PDFs don't really need it. I did put a small pond in my tank though. You can hand spray and siphon out excess water from the pond when the water level gets too high. In fact that was one reason I put the pond in it. It provides an easy access to siphon out excess water. There are a lot of things that you must have and the costs do add up: the right lights (for the plants), lots of live plants, good substrate, a drainage layer and a glass lid. You could raise your own "wild" fruit flies, but it is really not that expensive to do it right. Believe me you want the flies that can't fly! There are recipes for homemade media that is not expensive and you could use whatever jars you have with a cloth top for ventilation. They really are not expensive to feed at all when compared to other animals. Please take lots of time to read and research. There is lots of information on this site to help you. Don't rush into this. Fran
Alright cool thanks, i dont think im gonna be able to get one now, im still in highschool and dont have the money. Maybe ill get some frogs when i get a job so i can get a bigger tank than a 20gallon. Thanks for the info
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