Im completely new at this and need some help please

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Hi everybody. Im 14 and have just gotten into, or trying to get into the dart frog hobby. I am currently attempting to set up a 20 long vivarium but need some advice on how to go through with it and make it look good. I was hoping to get a waterfall/pond or a river/pond into it (tank is going in our living room so need it nice as possible) I also need some ideas on the type of lighting i would need and how to make the background. I've seen many ways to make the backgrounds but i need it explained in a simple way because the concept is kinda confusing with the materials needed also. Sorry for all the questions. P.S. heres a list of materials i have just in case it may help.

small pump for the water feature
plastic egg crate
20 gal long tank
a few coconut huts
Welcome it is always good to see someone new. As for youre questiuons we used Black foam (handi foam) to make the back wall and the sides of the creek. and then we used ge silicone ll BUT make sure that it doesn't say BIOSEAL on it. But my suggestion to get better instructions go to the frye brothers site or dr. frye,s site they have a-lot of good info and they are a whole lot of help. So is cindy dickens and mac on this site. You can order the handi foam from (Dr smiths foster and smith)

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