Import Dart Frogs to the Philippines ?

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Hi guys,

I am really dying to get dart frogs here in the Philippines and was wondering who has successfully or is planning to import here as I would like to talk with you regarding your experiences!


do you have some frogs now?
I kept looking at this particular thread for the past couple weeks as I was moving and editing thread titles ect.

6.5 years later, I wonder if Bluetip is keeping Dart Frogs in the Philippines. Would be kinda cool, if he was.....

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Dart frogs on the Philippines will be cool, really.
I asked google about dartfrogs on the Philippines and got this forum.
I want to migrate from Germany to the Philippines and want to take my frogs with me.
This are 3 flights within 22 hours.
But I don't know, if it's legal to keep them there.


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