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Hey so my little brother has decided to do a project at school on Dart frogs so we have been looking around online for interesting facts and important info on these frogs. I just thought i'd post up here and see if anyone felt like giving up some info on them ?

Welcome to the forum. Is he looking to actually build a tank for them and keep them or just do a report on them?
There are many, many different types of darts, if he's just doing a report, he'd probably want to narrow down his topic a bit.
I would suggest looking into the pumilio's (obligate egg feeders), if hes just doing a report. The roll the parents take in raising the tadpoles is amazing (in my opinion) and would make for a good report. If hes looking to build a tank and keep some as part of his project, then, thats different. Pums are a bit fussy in their keeping, and there are better frogs to start off with. Tons of info here though and we'll do what we can to help.
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